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Connection Machines

30th Anniversaries


The CM Legacy project is an exploration of how the concepts, software and hardware developed for the Connection Machines (CM-1/CM-2, and its successor CM-5) have influenced the explosion in artificial intelligence and parallel computing that we are experiencing today, despite Thinking Machine Corp.'s demise in 1996. Below is the first of several exploratory interviews with my former TMC colleagues to understand how they see the legacy of their work in that time, and how it has formed their own activities today. More to come soon!


Danny Hillis interview, August 2016.

In which Danny talks about how Sergey Brin, Google, the Internet, the Cloud and GPUs realized his dreams for massively parallel computing. Danny was the inventor of the Connection Machines and Chief Scientist of Thinking Machine Corporation, the company he co-founded to build the machine.

The total interview is ~40 minutes over 5 videos. Subtitles available via icon lower right.
Click menu in upper left of video to see the other topics.
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