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Thinking Machine Corporation's First Year:
Robert Treat Paine Mansion, 1983-1984



Gathering for first corporate meeting, Danny's firetruck in the background




Danny in his office




Lyman Hurd, Richard Feynman, Brewster Kahle working




Brewster Kahle, Richard Feynman, Howard Resnikoff and lots of pizza




Richard Feynman at work in the garden




Richard and Lyman Hurd, discussing in the woods



Investor Bill Paley (right, CBS) talking with Danny Hillis in our office, the "Bubble Champber" (Richard Amster, seated)

From left: Bill Paley, Sheryl Handler (TMC president), Frank Stanton (investor, CBS), Marvin Minsky, unidentified man.



Our "cargo cult" moment: Howard Resnikoff and Danny Hillis (left, foreground) bid goodbye to Frank Stanton
(middle left) and Bill Paley (middle, two briefcases), accompanied by Sheryl Handler to the CBS helicopter



After that, Sheryl asked me (with Dick Stroud) to build a helicopter
in celebration of Bill Paley's "cargo cult" helicopter visit



Autumn 1983, old wing



Winter 1983-'84, view from back garden



The house was definitely haunted, but this is just a
photo of me leaning out of my office window.




All images copyright 1983-1984, Tamiko Thiel
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