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Artworks exploring the intersection of space, place and cultural memory.


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"I Love Women Artists"  (in German only)

Essays on 100 women artists in Germany, from the 15th-21st centuries.
Written by 100 women curators, collectors, gallerists working in Germany.

Land of Cloud VR installation, essay written by VR curator Tina Sauerländer

To mark the 100th anniversary of women first being allowed to study art in Germany, the artists Janine Mackenroth und Bianca Kennedy asked 100 women from the German art world to write a personal essay about a favorite woman artist working in Germany. The artist range from unknown nuns in the 15th century to contemporary artists of the 21st century.



Nantesbuch Foundation , Bavaria, Germany

"Arts for Spring"  online exhibit of 100 videos by 100 artists on the theme of spring.

Suspended Spring (2020), video artwork and augmented reality app

During the coronavirus lockdown in spring 2020, the Nantesbuch Foundation commissioned 100 videos by 100 artists on the theme of spring. I created an AR app of swirling cherry blossom petals, and then used the app to create a video of life under lockdown. See the video on the Nantesbuch Foundation YouTube page, and information on the AR app and project.


Until 05 July 2020:

San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose/Silicon Valley, California.

"Almost Human: Digital Art from the Permanent Collection" group exhibition.

Beyond Manzanar (2000/2017, with Zara Houshmand) interactive virtual reality large projection

A meditation on what happens when an entire ethnic group is collectively branded as the "face of the enemy," Beyond Manzanar was acquired by the San Jose Museum of Art for its collection in 2002.



Tekniska Museet Stockholm, Sweden

The exhibit "Hyper Human" is showing the only Connection Machine on display in Europe:

Connection Machine CM-2, (1987, Thinking Machines Corporation)
Massively parallel supercomputer with 65,536 processors, invented by Danny Hillis.
Product Design team led by Tamiko Thiel, with industrial design by Gordon Bruce and Al Hawthorne, and mechanical design by Ted Bilodeau.



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