Tamiko Thiel


And Suggested Readings
These are the texts that I consider important for my own art practice, whether in video, installation, or in Virtual and Augmented Reality, and which I often recommend in my teaching.

Some of them are articles I have written based on explorations in my own works; others are formative texts for me from many different fields. What they have in common is an interest in dramatic structure in time and a concern with spatial experience, and how these can be used to create emotional impact and engagement while conveying cultural, historic or political content.

My search for creating dramatic structure in abstract videos in the late 1980s led me to look at how music can provoke emotional responses in us without concrete references to "real" objects, characters, story narratives etc. This work stood me in good stead when I started working with interactive virtual reality, in which the narrative is of necessity user-driven and lacks the linear beginning-climax-ending format of classical drama theory.

I have left out reviews and essays that are on my work but might not directly describe issues related to this body of theory. They can all be found in my CV under Publications and Reviews.

Videos of selected interviews and talks

General but very important background readings:

Digital art, virtual and augmented reality survey books:

Augmented Reality - theory:

Virtual Reality - theory: