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The Travels of Mariko Horo: Events








  • Wolfsburg, Germany: November 25, 2006 - February 18, 2007
    "Next Level: Die Lust am Spiel in der Netzwerkgesellschaft" at the Kunstverein Wolfsburg.

  • Munich, Germany: November 10-12
    15:30 - 18:30  
    Exhibition (free entry, European premiere)
    Dance Performance (World premiere)

    Nov. 11th only:
    17:30 - 18.30
    Slide lecture (free, in German) from Dr. Andrea Hirner:
                           "Japans christliches Jahrhundert," followed by a short 3D demo.

    This combination exhibition and performance will be shown at i-camp/Neues Theater as part of the Dance2006 Festival of Contemporary Dance in Munich.

    European premiere of the final version of The Travels of Mariko Horo (Second Journey: In The Land of Babarian.) During the hours of the exhibition, visitors can explore the virtual world themselves.

    World premiere of a live Butoh dance performance by Shinichi Iova-Koga (inkBoat) and Ishide Takuya using The Travels of Mariko Horo as a realtime 3D stage set, commissioned by the City of Munich for the 2006 "Young Art/New Media" prize.

    - Hentschlaeger, Ursula. "Im Land der Barbaren," (www.artmagazine.cc)
    - Schneider, Katja. "Der Tanz bin ich," (www.tanznetz.de)

  • San Jose, California, USA: July 29 - November 26
    World premiere of the initial version of The Travels of Mariko Horo (First Journey: In Search of the Western Paradise) in the show "Edge Conditions," San Jose Museum of Art, as part of the Pacific Rim theme of the Media Art Festival ZeroOne San Jose / ISEA2006.

    See the YouTube interview by artfuture

  • ongoing online exhibit
    Mariko Horo's Logbook, a narrative commentary on The Travels of Mariko Horo, is in the June issue of the online art journal mark(s).




  • Production award "Junge Kunst/Neue Medien" from the City of Munich, curated by Bettina Wagner-Bergelt and Dr. Stefan Urbascheck, for an exhibit and live Butoh dance performance using The Travels of Mariko Horo as a realtime "stage set" during the DANCE 2006 Festival, Oct.27 - Nov.12 in Munich.







  • "Virtual Reality as Interactive Cultural Experience," Guest lecture in the class "Visualizing Cultures," Prof. John Dower and Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa,
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA.


  • Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan.
    "Creating the Unknown World," lecture/workshop on imagining and constructing an unknown world, based on examples from European and Japanese art history and cartography collected during research for The Travels of Mariko Horo.