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The Travels of Mariko Horo: Movie Demos

interactive 3D virtual reality installation

The following are demo recordings excerpted from the 3D interactive experience. The image quality is reduced by the video compression process. For the true image quality please see the screenshots under the link "Description and Images."

Please note that each of these movies represent only one of many possible experiences with the virtual world, as the real experience is interactive and therefore depends on the choices and actions of the individual voyager.
Additionally, The Travels of Mariko Horo is a room installation to be shown on a large screen (3m x 4m or 9'x12'), an immersive experience that is in no way conveyed by viewing a tiny movie on a computer monitor!


22 minute walkthrough of the virtual world

Recorded 2021, using the updated version from 2017.

This movie shows one possible path through the virtual world, uncommented so you can hear the sound, and traversing several scenes. Your actual experience of the piece would depend on your own choices what to look at and where to go.




5 minute demo (2006):

This demo video from 2006 gives a voice-over description of the piece and its background.