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In the Land of Babari-an

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In the Land of Babari-an: Credits

live dance performance with interactive 3D stage set





  • City of Munich "Junge Kunst/Neue Medien" prize:
    Development and production was funded by the "Junge Kunst/Neue Medien" prize from the City of Munich, curated by Bettina Wagner-Bergelt and Dr. Stephan Urbascheck.

  • Dance2006:
    Many thanks to Cornelia Albrecht, Artistic Director of Dance2006, for inviting us to premiere In the Land of Babari-an at the Dance2006 10th International Festival of Contemporary Dance of the City of Munich.

  • i-camp/Neues Theater:

    Many thanks to i-camp for the intensive support during development, rehearsal and performance of In the Land of Babari-an.

  • Technical sponsor:
    Many thanks to Bitmanagement Software GmbH for the browser licenses and for steadfast technical support. Bitmanagement Software is the leading provider of PC based interactive 3D technology on the Internet (VRML, X3D, MPEG-4) .